Strategy Planning

Cultivating new ideas

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Optimizing Business Operation

Does your operating model allow you to compete in the new? The right operating model can reinvigorate even the largest of legacy companies.

Leading with the Whole Brain

The courage to see the need for change within the C-suite itself to build whole-brain leadership skills and approaches.

Building Trust & Purpose

Breaking with traditional shareholder views of value and leading by engendering trust and purpose with employees, freelancers, customers and society.

Realigning Resources for Growth

Realigning resources for growth Achieving fundamental realignment of resources with a zero-based mindset is Vertex main Goal.

Maintaining alignment in the face of overwhelming change is a challenge for organizations of all sizes, but can be particularly tough for small to mid-size businesses. While human and monetary resources are often in short supply, it makes sense to place more effort into the planning stage of your IT strategy.

Building a future-ready business

Know where you are going, how to get there and who to partner with. Here’s how we help you establish a new mindset, structure and economic viability within your organization.


Augment your workforce with AI and other technologies to find the right combination of resources to unleash passion, purpose and performance.


Relationships are essential to adaptability. The best teammates will help you enable market-making solutions.

Mergers & acquisitions

Acquisitions allow for faster pivots. Look for ways to optimize your portfolio to accelerate innovation and growth.

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